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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 20, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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controversial efforts. the group, common cause, had a complaint about a phoenix-based nonprofit. they say the group should name those who donated $11 million to proposition 30 opponents in california. under california law, nonprofits do not have to reveal who their donors are as long as the money is not aimed at a specific campaign. small-business action committee, which received the money, tells that the donation is legal. as public universities continue to struggle with budget cuts, students are increasingly turning to private colleges. according to the associated press, private colleges are reporting a sharp image -- increases in enrollment from students disillusioned with spiraling tuition for workhouses -- classes. hundreds of people formed a picket line in front of kaiser hospital in hayward. they were protesting a plan to close inpatient pediatric units. >> about 200 people took part
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in the rally, some came dressed in halloween costumes. they were upset about the plans to close the hayward facility and divert patients to an expanded oakland pediatric unit. >> we pay such high premiums for healthcare that they would make us thin drive even farther to get care for our child, that could be the matter between life and death. >> these hospitals are state-of-the-art. the way to deliver pediatric care is to consolidate services. and that will be at the other side. >> hospital managers say they are adding 35 more beds to their pediatric center in oakland. this cat -- it is scheduled to open in late 2014. >> police are in the business of solving crimes. one recent crimes that ended with an item being stolen from a police vehicle has a cheese asking for help. >> plus tragedy in southern california after a gunman opened fire on a family inside their
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home. what we have learned about the suspect. >> the race for the white house heats up ahead of the final presidential debate. the key issues on the campaign trail today. >> and are cooling 10 -- trend continues. it will be in the upper-30s overnight. we will have the san francisco giants baseball forecast.
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. police in englewood in los angeles county are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a family inside their home early this morning. authorities say a father shielding his four-year-old son was fatally shot. the boys also died a short time later. two other children and their mother were taken to the hospital for gunshot winds. police say the gunmen shot -- set the home on fire. there is no word on a motive. a bus driver was killed
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and dozens of passengers hurt after a crash in arizona. the bus crashed near kingman, arizona not far from the hoover dam. authorities say the driver had a seizure or a heart attack which caused him to lose control of the bus. forty-eight passengers were injured and sick for phone to loss at -- las vegas with serious injuries. most were tourists. >> homicide investigators in vallejo a1 was killed and another wounded in a drive-by shooting. it happened on our construct -- arkansas street. police say they found two men with gunshot winds. authorities say 20-year-old mauricio dominguez died from his injuries. the other man is listed in critical condition. his name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to call police. a survivor of that deadly fishing boat disaster and mexico is asking for the public's help. we're live to hear about if the item that saved the man's life was stolen. >> reporter: it was on a
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fishing trip that started south of the border at a marina like this one in oakland. police chief gave his tremendous appreciation for a life of estevez now gone. >> this is the fishing boat that went down in the sea of cortez killing eight men. charles gibson was one of the 35 survivors. >> i would have drowned without that life vest. >> it was this a red vest, which another victim had given him after they floated for four and a half hours clinging to ice. >> when daybreak came, we decided to swim. and we swam but we were separated. i was given this life vest which gave me confidence. ten hours later, i finally made it to a deserted island. >> after his brush with death, gibson, who was chief of police, began giving motivational speeches with the theme, keep kicking. >> the best was the mainstay of this talks until this week
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when it was stolen from the back of his police suv. >> it had sentimental value. it also represented the goodness of mankind actually because a man took the best off and give it to me. >> gibson says it has no monetary value but it means a lot to him. >> sometimes i realize i'm might not get it back. and that is okay. i have it in my heart and my mind. and may be that best has another life to save out there. >> whoever took that he says can ever return it to him at any time with no questions asked. >> . a new report out finds that cell phones have been one of the top target for robbers. almost half of all robberies in san francisco this year our cell phone related. it is in line with the new york city. dan kalb was held up at gunpoint last week and robbed of his cell phone. one security expert estimates that it will cost consumers
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more than $30 million this year alone. a national database reported that stolen phones will go online late next year. 10 digit dialing went into effect this morning in the south bay. that is for phones with 408 area code. 911, 411 and 511 can be dial directly. a new area, 699, will go into effect. new numbers are expected to run out in a few months. back to our election 2012 coverage. the vice presidential candidates hit the campaign tales -- trail today. as president obama and challenger mitt romney prepare for the third and final debate on monday, we report on this. >> reporter: the final presidential debate and the election are just around the corner. the candidates are not wasting time. >> mitt romney and president
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obama prepare to go head-to- head and the vice presidential candidates took to the trail. paul ryan campaigned in ohio and pennsylvania. >> we are going to run at our country's economic and physical problems before they get out of control. that is what leaders do. >> the allied and -- joe biden spoke in florida. >> the american people depend on a president who says what he means and means what he says. >> in his weekly address, president obama talked about budget proposals to help economic recovery. >> republicans in congress banded together and kept this plan from coming to a vote. they prevented millions of americans, including many of you listening today, from saving $3000 a year. that is only held by the economy when we should be accelerating our economic engine. >> the gop responded -- saying that gas prices increased and there has been no change in unemployment since he took office. >> the obama administration
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added over $5 trillion to the national debt for this? president obama and the -- undoubtedly inherited a fragile economy but has done little to improve it. >> both candidates spend -- spent saturday preparing for monday's debate which will focus on foreign policy. ktvu news. the new york times has reported that sources in the obama administration say the united states and iran have agreed on a one-on-one a negotiation against the nuclear program. those sources say iran is only willing to sit down after the u.s. presidential election is over. there are possibilities that iran will back out of the meeting as of the country has a long history of using the promise of diplomacy to tease international pressure today marks one year since gadhafi was killed after he was shot in the head by rebel forces in his hometown. today, there are new reports that his youngest son was killed during fighting.
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the libyan national congress spokesperson said that the younger gadhafi senior was killed in battle but offered no further details. news of his death prompted celebrations where he and his forces are accused of committing widespread rape and torture. >> murdochs news corporation said today that buying the los angeles times or tribune are accurate. the los angeles times reported yesterday that they are looking to buy the two papers. any attempt by the purchase of the papers would have to get approval from regulators. federal communications rules restrict ownership of the newspaper and tv station in the same market. they now own two stations in los angeles and two in chicago. the search is on this weekend for surviving bits of the meteor that exploded wednesday night over the bay area. a scientist with the study institute says there is evidence that whatever debris is left is
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spread diagonally from point reyes up to sonoma. they will try to spot the black rocks which he said are left over from the creation of the universe. >> lottery officials announced that someone in a south san francisco but a fantasy five to get that is worth more than $230,000. it had all five winning numbers. there they are on the screen. the ticket was sold at a valero gas station. the winner has 180 days from the date of the draw to claim that money. >> bay area students brought their cricket -- creativity to the beach today. we will show you what they made with water and sand.
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. >> ♪[ music ] >> the sounds of the caribbean echo through parts of san francisco today annual reggae festival. this was the second year for the event held at the fillmore center plaza. along with free musical performances during the day, kids had a chance to participate in a variety of activities well adults could sample authentic jamaican cuisine and shop.
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once the clouds cleared, there was a beautiful sky today. that will be changing. we turn this over to mark tamayo. >> get ready for cooler temperatures. and eventually, get the umbrella. right now, we have mostly clear skies and a few cloudy conditions out there. we will show you this on the storm tracker. some of the clouds out there and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. napa is at 60 degrees. as far as temperatures from this afternoon, most areas cooled off a bit. 60 degrees. warmest locations were in the mid to upper-70s toward antioch and fairfield. san jose one of the cooler spots at only 66 degrees. tonight, we will thicken up cloud cover. tomorrow, more clouds. mostly cloudy for sunday.
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rain returns and temperatures will be cooler. some of the numbers back to the upper-30s. napa is around 39 degrees. santa rosa, 41. we do have frost advisories for some areas. lots of upper-40s and 50s out there. the baseball forecast for tomorrow, the big game with the cardinals and the giants, game six, at first pitch, mostly cloudy skies with temperatures around 60 degrees. a few sprinkles maybe after the fifth or sixth inning. definitely more cloud cover and temperatures cooler. this area of low pressure moving in from the north. this will generate a high cloud cover as we head into sunday. this cold front will be the source of rainfall as we head into monday. and that will be gradually spreading to the south throughout the day. this system will be targeting the north. we back off on the accumulation toward the south bay.
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maybe a quarter of an inch. for tomorrow, some of the cloud cover increasing throughout the day. not much in the way of rain showers just yet. but we will expand the view and take this into monday. look what happens monday morning. rainfall developing up in parts of the north bay. still some lingering rain showers that could develop. tubing an i on the monday evening forecast, we could have some pop-up storms. temperatures for tomorrow, everyone in the 60s to the lower-70s. most of the region topping out in the low to mid 60s. san jose around 67. san francisco, 63 degrees. the cloud cover on the increase throughout the day. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. there is those rain clouds for
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monday. and then tuesday, the chance of a shower into wednesday. and then a tiny chance on thursday. so last week, just a few days ago, 80s and 90s. a complete reversal as we head into next week. >> but the game will go on tomorrow. >> that is looking fine. we will have to keep our fingers crossed monday. >> game seven. >> ocean beach was anything but -- there was a sandcastle contest today. they designed it is cultures and then san francisco schoolchildren bill to them. they could use sand, water and elbow grease. this featured a penguin jumping into the mouth of a shark. the money raised goes to provide art classes in public schools to make schools. the interior department has named point reyes a
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national historic landmark. it was the earliest encounter between europeans and california indians. that put the federal government on the side with those who say sir francis drake did land there in 1579. the san francisco post office at michigan street and this very covered bridge were also honored. >> still to come, lacing up to save lives. the cause that brought thousands of people to the east bay today.
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. scores of people walked around oakland today to focus attention on suicide prevention, the out of the darkness walk, was part of a nationwide campaign by the american foundation for suicide prevention. organizers say that suicide is a national health problem with more than 36,000 people committing suicide each year in the u.s. time to turn to sports. a big game.
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>> you are absolutely right. the golden bears remodeled memorial stadium. now they need to reshape their offense. and while they play this 115th edition of the big game earlier than usual, the action on the field had a familiar ring. they had few chances to cheer. the visiting cardinals leading the good times roll. stepfan taylor make some moves. he ran for a career-high 189 yards. he is now stanford's second time all leading rusher. 7-3 in the 2nd quarter. josh nunes finds a wide open zach ertz. sailing for clearance. at the 7-yard line here. two plays later, josh nunes to another tight end. the touchdown.
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cardinals 14-3. stanford committed two turnovers. zach maynard to alan. cardinal recovery. officials said that allen was already down. you can see its. the ball was loose before his knees touch the ground. they take over of the 20-yard line. josh nunes over to zach ertz. that hurts if you are a cal fan. cal has a fourth and one. getting nailed here by ben gardner. just 3 yards rushing. cal gets the ball back thanks to an interception. zach maynard is picked for the second time. 11-3, the final. stanford is 58-46 and 11 in the big game series. cardinal outgained cal.
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cal calls -- falls. they finally win a road game. >> we wanted to wash the bad taste out of our mouth coming into this game. a whole week of preparation. >> i thought it was a good game by the offense as a whole. >> it was special. the week leading up and the anticipation that builds up. it is unique to college football. wherever and whenever they want to play, we will show up and give it our best shot. >> former miami coach, is building a new program at the university of texas. scores 52 points. 36 yards worth six points. and three td passes today. this is in the second-year and committing committing six turnovers. spartans also have tyler urban
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breaking free. 92 yards. san jose state wins 52-24. >> the giants are down but they are not out. today they had a voluntary workout at at&t park as they prepare for another elimination game tomorrow. crawford comes over with the crutch last night. that makes it 3-0 and the fourth. many cynics expect barry zito to implode on his biggest game ever. and he threw great and -- and picked up after other pitchers slipped. and ryan vogelsong hopes that kind of performance is coagious. >> i think we feed off of each
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other a lot. all season -- i saw it. we kind of got on a roll. >> it is definitely something we can build off of. hopefully i can go out and throw a good one on sunday and handed the ball over on monday and they can throw a good one and we can make this interesting. >> the oakland a's added another young outfielder today. that would be chris young. he played for manager bob melvin in arizona. apparently they still have a great relationship. chris young was hampered by a shoulder injury this season. he is a career 239 hitter. >> stanford wins the 150
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again. 21-3. >> this game really was all stanford all the way. >> not even really a contest. >> a big game tomorrow night. >> two big games. we don't want to forget about the oakland raiders tomorrow in jacksonville. another illumination game or the giants also. they have to like their chances because they do have two pitchers. ryan vogelsong also. >> thank you. coming up on the 10:00 news, we're live among the san mateo bridge. crews are working against the clock to complete the work by monday morning. we will have a live update for you at 10:00. that is it for us. thank you for joining us. over and over again.
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